Project results

Blended course

A Blended course for school educators about the importance of recycling/upcycling with practical ideas on how to implement this in the classroom.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • Environmental challenges
  • Key concepts and benefits or upcycling
  • How to apply STEAM to teach upcycling to the children
  • How to implement the design processes in the classroom
  • Creating ideas related to art and music
  • Materials that can be used for upcycling with children
  • Tips for upcycling entrepreneurs
  • How to assess upcycling

All topics will be addressed from the point of view of how to convey this information to children in a practical and age-appropriate way.

The specific objectives of the course will be to:

  • Make schoolteachers aware of the possibilities that upcycling has for multidisciplinary and project-based education (STEAM)
  • Provide schoolteachers with practical ideas on how to implement upcycling in the classroom
  • Develop the sustainability competencies of school educators and education managers.
  • Promote innovative teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration in cultural, environmental, economic, design and other contexts.
  • Enhance the ability of schoolteachers to increase children’s motivation and creativity, as well as their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

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